Our Studio’s Mini Shop

Sticky Molly Liquid Chalk

Creamy liquid chalk for Pole Dance (100ml).

Prevents palms from sweating and gives better grip for your Pole practise.

Sticky Molly Liquid Rosin

Provides strong grip for Pole Dance and Aerial Silks. Wax based.

Convenient and economical use in the form of a spray (30ml).

Pink Wristbands

Soft, absorbent and comfortable wristbands.

Sold in pairs.

Official re-seller of FLEXIBLE collagen by LemaLab

Founded by world-renowned artist Erika Lemay

  • Supports muscles, joints, and connective tissue elasticity

  • Helps reduce inflammation and pain

  • Provides cartilage protection

  • Improves skin, hair and nail quality

  • Boosts metabolism and improves digestion

You can find all the above items at our studio.

Contact us if you are interested:

Call us on +35799812094

Email us at info@fdpolestudio.com

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